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MetLife Legal Plans

Metlife Estate Plans

MetLife Legal Plans offers basic estate plans at zero costs to you.

Your basic estate plan will include a Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions, Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions (also known as a Living Will), Last Will & Testament, establishment of a Trust, preparation of Beneficiary Designations, and Appointment of Guardian.

Why so many documents? It is important to remember that your powers of attorney for financial decisions and medical decisions are only controlling until your death. Upon your death, your Last Will & Testament becomes the controlling document, and your powers of attorney loose all enforceability.  

Do I need a Trust? This is a highly individual decision. If you have small children, would like to distribute your estate outside of your familial blood lines, would like to provide for your spouse until their death, or a host of other reasons, the answer may be yes. Please note, MetLife Legal Plans will only pay to establish your Trust. You will need to take additional steps to fund your Trust, or our office can handle it for a reasonable fee.

How does this process work? It begins by clicking the link on the right hand side and registering with our Virtual Estate Planning System. Once you have provided our office with some initial information about your goals, we will set up a more in-depth meeting to discuss the specifics of your wishes. Once your documents have been drafted, they will be emailed to you for review. The final step is an in-person meeting to sign and notarized your plan. A digital copy of your plan will be maintained in the office, while the original documents will be mailed back to you. That's it, it's that easy!